Friday, February 25, 2011

Saltbox For Sale….

Hello everyone…

I thought you might like to see some pictures of a home that is currently for sale here in my area…It’s located in an upscale community that is close to where my parents live.

This home is listed for a mere $450,000…so if you have the cash, and want to live here in balmy western New York, then this home is for you.

(Mind you, if this home were situated where I live…approximately 30 minutes away, it would probably go for around $300,000…it’s just the area that it’s in is really desirable, and very expensive).


So are you ready for a tour?  (You may want to click on each picture for a larger, better view of this home).


C’mon up the driveway… This just looks so inviting doesn’t it? A winter wonderland right now.

So, so pretty!

Saltbox Exterior 3 Car Garage


And what’s that just around the bend up ahead?


Oh, it’s a beautiful three car garage with a loft.


I love this garage.


Saltbox Exterior 3 Car Garage 2 


Are you ready to get a glimpse of the beautiful home that comes with this awesome garage?


Ok……Here she is.


A lovely Saltbox that sits on almost 3 acres of land.

Saltbox Exterior 1 


Are you ready to come inside and get out of the cold?


Come on in…Make yourself at home.


Have a seat by the fire and I’ll grab the coffee.

(Loving the stenciling, pewter paint color and the red bow back chairs.)


Saltbox Interior 3


Have a seat and make yourself comfortable.

(Notice all of the antique rugs throughout this home…there are so many, and all gorgeous!)


Saltbox Interior 2


And one more living room picture for you to take in.

Love the 8 over 12 windows.


Saltbox Interior 1


Now lets step into the kitchen…Love the wide 8 over 8 window above the sink.


Saltbox Interior 5


And another view of the kitchen…I’m not really crazy about the black distressed cabinets…I would love to have see them done in the same pewter color as the trim throughout, but I could manage…and check out that stainless stove…and the little redware plates in the window.


Saltbox Interior 6


Now lets head into the sitting room.


I just love that spoon-foot porringer table…and all the baskets too, especially the one hanging on the wall!


Saltbox Interior 9


I’ll also take the cabinet and the large basket hanging on its side, the trencher and that chair!

There’s that table again! LOVING the shutters on the windows! SWEET!


Saltbox Interior 8


Off to the dining room now and another beautiful rug…Can’t overlook that awesome bench with original red paint either.


Saltbox Interior 4 


Shall we wander upstairs now? Watch your step.


Again, the period stenciling is great…and yet another rug, this one hanging from that beautiful brick wall which looks to be the center chimney exposed…Love, love, love.



Saltbox Interior 10


Ok…Let’s check out the Master bedroom first shall we?


Loving everything…except the bathroom scale…I hate scales…They always seem to be defective and never seem to give my correct weight…Strange.

Oh and yes, another antique carpet. The blue in this one is so bold and eye catching isn’t it?  $$$$$

Saltbox Interior 7


Now here is the spare bedroom…


You are welcome to stay over if you’d like…the rates per night are killer though.  :)


Oh, that hooked rug and tombstone cabinet…… Sigh………Black IS beautiful!


The bedding is heavenly too. So simple looking. Notice there are no curtains anywhere in this home either. Love that…simplicity.


Saltbox Interior 11


There is just one more thing I want to show you on this prim tour.


It also has a finished basement.


Saltbox Interior 13


The prims in this basement are nicer than mine in my living areas! So jealous am I!

And look..They have the same exact couch that I just bought.

Mine isn’t kept in my basement though! I don’t even go in my basement unless it’s absolutely necessary!

Wish I had all of her other pieces too. Look at those chairs will you???? In the basement no less…I want them in my main living area! So not fair!


Saltbox Interior 12


Well, that concludes our tour today………I so hope you enjoyed it your visit.


But, here’s the thing, remember that the contents of this home are not included in the sale price. Yes, I’d love a saltbox myself…but whether we live in a Cape, a ranch a townhouse or an apartment…we can all have a home with an interior as beautiful and cozy as this…just with the use of primitive, colonial decor.


Have a great day…and a better tomorrow.




  1. Thanks for the amazing tour, love saltbox houses and this one is stunning. Dawn

  2. I just can't imagine selling that house. There's a place for everything and everything is in it's place. I LOVE salt boxes, I'm glad that you shared with us. ~Ann

  3. Oh this should be my house. Thank you for the fabulous tour. This is what I dream about! The home I've always wanted. Okay, back to reality now!

  4. What a dream home.....can't imagine leaving it for something else! I LOVE salt boxes and the setting is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. Sandy

  5. OMG sooooo wonderful. Now where can I come up with that money.....hummmmmmm I would buy it in a heart beat...if I won the lottery. LOL Thanks so much for sharing. One question tho......on the floor in the basement on the far left side it looks like hinges on the there a trap door under there????? Just wondering. Cindy

  6. Oh how I can only dream.......if my boat come's in I'll be in touch!
    Absolutely gorgeous!!

  7. What delightful eye candy! Thanks for the tour! It's move in ready...I wouldn't have to change a thing. Sorry..for the price EVERYTHING must be included or I simply can't buy. Thanks for sharing...I will be looking at this again and again!


  8. What a beautiful Home!!!! Eye Candy for sure!!!!!!!
    I live in Central NY and have 5 Yorkies that allow me to live with them. Your Furbaby is adorable Deb......

  9. Oh my goodness, I'll be down to purchase it...hehe.

    Such a beautiful home and really awesome furniture and decor! Why would they want to sell???

  10. A saltbox has been the home of my dreams for several decades. Perhaps in my next!
    It is a beautiful home, decorated to perfection. Thank you for sharing.
    Pug hugs :)